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Grantee City

If left unattended, invasive species can grow rapidly, damaging natural vegetation and altering ecosystems. Citizen volunteers are helping make Duluth a greener, safer city through park revitalization, litter removal, invasive species intervention, and tree and vegetable planting programs. Through the Duluth Invaders program, citizen volunteers aim to control invasive plants and foster a healthy ecosystem for native flora and fauna. Citizens working with the City of Duluth assist in removing terrestrial invasive plants and help to restore damaged lands.

Duluth has been a member of the Cities of Service coalition since 2012, when former Mayor Don Ness signed the Declaration of Service. Current Mayor Emily Larson reaffirmed the city’s commitment to service when she signed the Declaration again in 2016.

Mayor Emily Larson

Prior to becoming mayor, Emily was president of the Duluth City Council. She also previously served as a commissioner on the Duluth Economic Development Authority, a board member of the Great Lakes Aquarium, Visit Duluth, and the Arrowhead Regional Development Commission, and was the council conduit to Parks and Libraries

Chief Service Officer Cheryl Skafte

During her time at the City of Duluth, Cheryl Skafte has worked diligently to increase the number of meaningful volunteer opportunities available to citizens, as well as build strong relationships across city departments to maximize the impact of service throughout the city.