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Supporting Cities to Create Lasting Change

Through comprehensive planning, strong partnerships, and a focus on results, Cities of Service supports a coalition of cities that are working to engage their citizens in initiatives that create real and lasting change for their communities. 

Strong mayoral leadership is key to success for Cities of Service coalition members. If you are a mayor that wants to help your citizens create real change for your city, please read and sign our Declaration of Service to join us!

If you are a citizen who would like your mayor and city to join the Cities of Service coalition, download our Recruit Your Mayor Blueprint. This guide will help you make a compelling case to your mayor that your city should become a coalition member. Not sure if your city is already a member? Click here to find out.

Coalition cities receive many benefits, including:

Technical Assistance & Coaching: Cities of Service expert program staff provide ongoing technical assistance and coaching through regular check-ins with city staff.

Grant Programs & Funding Opportunities: Coalition cities are given access to funding and grant programs – often in partnership with national corporate sponsors – built specifically for Cities of Service cities.

Site Visits: Coalition cities receive site visits from Cities of Service program staff and partners, which enables them to showcase their work and get on-the-ground problem-solving assistance from experts as needed.

Peer Network: Coalition cities are connected in formal and informal ways – both online and in-person – so that they may easily share resources and best practices and reach out for help.

Resource Library: Coalition cities have access to a resource library that provides step-by-step guidance for cities that would like to build comprehensive service plans and/or implement a particular service-driven initiative in their city.

National Exposure: Cities of Service highlights the work being done in coalition cities through a variety of  traditional media and social media platforms. Coalition mayors and senior staff are invited to represent the organization at a variety of venues.

Connections to Corporate Partners & National Nonprofits: Cities of Service helps connect coalition cities with various programs, funding streams, and organizations doing like-minded work to streamline efforts and increase impact.

Recruitment Channel: Cities of Service helps coalition cities recruit staff, AmeriCorps members, and others who are new to city government to help drive forward citizen engagement programs. AmeriCorps members who serve in city halls often move into different roles within the city once their terms of service are completed.

Volunteer Websites: Each city is given access to a highly-subsidized and customizable website to publicize citizen engagement efforts and recruit volunteers online.