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Mayor Hugo René Sarceño Orellana


He was born in Puerto Barrios on March 5, 1966, the son of Manuel Sarceño Arevalo and Felisa Orellana Velasquez, married to Rosaura Robles Maldonado, they had 3 children, Ninoshtka Ixmucané, 33, Chirstian Manuel, 27, and Juan Gabriel, 25.

Since he was a child he was a church leader, he participated and led the Boy Scout movement in his town, passionate about basketball he was an outstanding athlete being selected by the department of Izabal. He emigrated to the capital of Guatemala City to carry out his higher studies, graduating as a Lawyer and Notary Public.
Among his professional activities, he worked for the Santo Tomas de Castilla National Port Company, Guatemalan Railways and SGS of Guatemala, Ministry of Public Finance.

Promoter of the Guatecompras system, a system that generates transparency in the use of public affairs, creator of the Railway Museum currently located in Plazuela Barrios in Guatemala City, was awarded by the President of the Republic with the "ORDER MONJA BLANCA "For preserving the cultural and historical heritage of the country, he served as a delegate of the Government of Guatemala in the free trade agreement with the United States, Mexico, Canada and Central America in the chapter on government purchases, he also participated at the negotiating table representing to the Government of Guatemala for the free trade agreement of the Americas in Panama (FTAA)

In 2015, he participated for the first time as a candidate for mayor of the city of Puerto Barrios, and the winner of the contest took office as mayor in January 2016. Among his main objectives is to modernize the city through his plan 4- 40 proposes the economic development and prosperity of the neighborhoods of Puerto Barrios promoting international, national and local investment, it also developed public policy for youth, crime prevention and public policies for women, it has been awarded for 4 consecutive years by the National Association of Municipalities ANAM with the statuette of "Best Financial Management" and "Tourism Development of the Municipality"

Due to the significant change that the city has had over the years in terms of Infrastructure, Culture, Environment, Health, Nutrition, Safety, Education, Employment and Comprehensive Social Development Programs, he is re-elected as mayor for the period 2020- 2024, has signed an agreement with UNHCR to declare Puerto Barrios a "Solidarity City", has signed an agreement with 500 coastal mayors for a marine life protection program, has also signed a brotherhood with the Miami Mayor's Office and associations with the mayors of the Gulf of Honduras.

The successful development of his 4.40 plan has led him to strengthen ties with public and private entities internationally, participate in lectures in countries such as Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama, the United States, South America and the Caribbean.
In 2023 he ran again as a candidate for mayor, being re-elected for the third consecutive time for the period 2024-2028.