Scenes from our 2019 Engaged Cities Award Finalist Site Visits

Last month, Cities of Service staff spent a few weeks traveling from city to city to learn more about the 10 Engaged Cities Award finalists. We met with dedicated and hardworking city staff who are engaging city residents to improve their cities. We spoke to mayors and other city leaders who believe that by working together with citizens they can make their cities better places to live and work. And we spoke to residents – passionate, engaged people who care deeply about their communities and are contributing their time and expertise to meet today’s challenges. 

While we learned a lot from the applications for the award, we’ve found that the best way to put all the pieces together and understand how these solutions really work is to see them in action on the ground, where we can ask questions and see the impact firsthand. We consider all 10 finalists to be award worthy, and we want to tell their stories so other cities can learn from and replicate them in their own communities.

This year, we were delighted to see how strong the engagement and impact was and impressed with the dedicated city leaders, staff, and community members we met. Choosing a few that top the list of 10 will not be an easy decision. 

As we prepare to announce the winners at CityLab in October, we’ll be sharing stories and more photos to illustrate the impact of these projects, as well as other materials to help staff in other cities learn from and use the solutions, so look for more to come soon. Until then, you can learn more about the what we were up to during our ten site visits in the photo galleries.